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CT Connections Leads the Charge as Australia’s First TMC to Provide NDC Content Via Zeno by Serko

By 28 June 2024No Comments

First Australian Client Goes Live and Successfully Books NDC Content via Zeno by Serko, Pioneering New Travel Technology with CT Connections.

In a significant development for the Australian travel industry, CT Connections (the corporate arm of the Connections Travel Group), has become the first travel management company (TMC) in the country to book New Distribution Capability (NDC) Qantas airfares via Zeno by Serko. This milestone places CT Connections at the forefront of travel technology in Australia, highlighting its commitment to innovation and customer service excellence.

Partnering closely with Serko, CT Connections has been instrumental in beta testing and providing crucial feedback for the NDC development. The successful live booking by the first customer marks a key achievement in this collaborative journey. This initial booking through CT Connections’, Sabre and Serko’s joint efforts not only showcases the robust capabilities of the NDC platform but also sets the stage for the rollout of this technology to additional clients in the near future. This accomplishment underscores CT Connections’ challenger brand status in embracing cutting-edge travel solutions and paves the way for a new era in travel management.

A Strategic Partnership for Progress

The partnership between CT Connections, Serko and Sabre has been a journey of innovation and collaboration. From the outset, the organisations have worked tirelessly to bring the benefits of NDC technology to the Australian market. The journey has involved extensive beta testing and pilot projects, during which CT Connections has provided valuable insights and feedback to fine-tune the NDC solution. This close cooperation has been crucial in ensuring that the system meets the high standards required for seamless travel management.

CT Connections’ role as a pilot channel of distribution for NDC content through Zeno by Serko has been instrumental in testing the system under real-world conditions and validating its effectiveness. This partnership has not only enabled the successful integration of NDC content into the Zeno platform but also positioned CT Connections as a pioneer in the adoption of advanced travel technologies. As a result, CT Connections is well-prepared to extend these capabilities to its broader client base, offering enhanced travel options and streamlined booking processes.

Lilly Mannerswood, Head of Product, Managed Travel at Serko, says “We’re grateful to CT Connections for participating in Serko’s Sabre NDC pilot program. Their engagement and feedback has been pivotal to the successful rollout of our NDC capability in Zeno. We’re excited to see CT Connections celebrate this significant milestone as they expand and innovate their customer offering.”

James Kelly, CT Connections’ Chief Technology Officer states “We are extremely proud of our collaboration with Serko and Sabre and thrilled to be able to deliver NDC content online for our customers. Through the power of partnership, we have been able to achieve more, innovate faster, and overcome challenges with collective strength.”

Serko’s NDC Content Initiative

The launch of Sabre NDC content in Zeno is a landmark achievement for Serko and its partner, Sabre. Announced recently, this initiative makes Sabre the first global distribution system (GDS) to offer NDC content via Zeno. This partnership marks a significant step forward in the travel industry’s ongoing evolution toward more flexible and customer-centric booking processes.

Founder, CEO & Managing Director of Connections Travel Group, Gary Reichenberg said: “We understand the importance of this development from our customer’s perspective. Qantas NDC airfares are currently 3%-6% less expensive, and this represents incremental value to customers with existing Qantas Business Rewards or market share deals. The customisation of Qantas’ NDC has included discounts on international airfares and status points accelerations. We needed to deliver on this for our valued and discerning corporate clientele.”

CT Connections’ successful implementation of NDC content through Zeno underscores the potential of this technology to revolutionise travel management in Australia and beyond. As the first Australian TMC to achieve this milestone, CT Connections is leading the way in delivering next-generation travel solutions to its clients, reaffirming its commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry, and expanding on its already enviable reputation as one of the leading travel service providers in the industry.