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Covid Centre

The purpose of the Connections Group is to enrich lives through human connection and the power of travel. While the ability to travel may be significantly curtailed, our commitment and purpose remains stronger than ever.

We are determined to be there to support your travel needs and keep you updated on all the latest policies, procedures, restrictions and advice. We want to stay connected with you and also to provide you with the level of service and commitment that you have come to expect from us.

To ensure guest well-being, many of our hotel partners have increased their cleaning standards and implemented stringent operational protocols.

Your safety is our highest priority and it’s important to us that you feel reassured and confident about your well-being when you fly. Find out what measures and safety precautions the airlines are taking to protect you in the sky.

Here you will find direct links to each State Government website to help you keep abreast of the ever changing landscape. We encourage you to check these sites regularly to monitor the situation and use these as your reference when planning travel.


The landscape of COVID is continually changing. We have tried to answer all questions here.

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