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Will my travel be refunded, or can I put my ticket on hold?

This will depend on a varying number of factors, and our dedicated team of consultants will be able to assist with your specific booking.

A number of airlines have increased the length of expiry on tickets and the terms on how to utilise your tickets on hold. Please refer to our ‘In the air’ section of this page with links to each carrier and you will find details of fare class terms and conditions. Should you still have queries, please feel free to talk directly to your dedicated Partnership Manager.

What do I do if I begin to feel unwell whilst travelling?

The World Health Organisation suggests that if you become unwell whilst travelling, you should inform your travel attendant and you may be moved to a seat farther away from others. Ask for information on how to be seen by a health care provider and seek care immediately.

Report directly back to your corporate office and together with our team we can assist in what the next steps are.

We have travellers overseas that need to return to Australia. What are the protocols of getting them home?                                                                                                          

Australia has strict border controls in place to protect the health and well-being of the Australian community.

You cannot come to Australia unless you are an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an exempt category. Please refer to the following link for more information:

Can you assist with advice on safety and security of travel to international destinations for our travellers?

Yes, our team can most certainly assist and we also work in conjunction with the team at ISOS to ensure that we have the most up-to-date accurate information about safety and security when travelling abroad, not only relating to COVID-19 but all aspects of risk.

Please also refer to our world map that gives you current traveller safety levels and current cases COVID-19 for consideration when assessing the need to travel.

Should I be changing our Travel Policy now to align with new travel restrictions?

We most certainly recommend speaking with your dedicated Partnership Manager regarding your tailored Travel Policy and how we can assist in ensuring that for your business the policy is accurate and reflects the level of authorisation and safety checks required. We are here to support you through this and long into the future and we understand that the landscape is changing each and every day, so our team will be here for you.

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Keep safe and watch this space