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About Us
Corporate Travel Connections

Established in 2000
6 Offices: MEL, SYD, BNE, PER

Our corporate travel management team is not only highly experienced but, more importantly, shows passion for providing the highest calibre of service, cost management solutions and genuine value to our clients.

140+ Staff
We are still growing our business

In being independently owned we can invest whole heartedly in our people, allowing us to grow our business, thus increasing our staff and or locations.

22 nationalities | 75% female staff
77% staff in leadership positions

At CT Connections we are open to giving a chance to any nationality, gender or age in becoming part of our business. We love hearing individuals experiences when it comes to travel. We learn and share them accordingly, hence our mantra every connection counts.

What we’re experts in

Sports Travel

We actively adapt to our clients needs, allowing for flexibility and comprehensive analysis on the current travel behaviour and patterns that align within the chosen sport.

Academic Travel

We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively track our client’s travellers, whilst monitoring aircraft information and situations. Then relaying guidance and advice on the most appropriate journey to take, in order to get their groups to their chosen destination safely.

Resource Travel

Our expertise in the mining and resource sector allows us to work in conjunction with your Team, to develop and implement strategic plans both on the ground and in the air. We understand the complexities of FIFO Rosters, and make it our priority to understand what is needed to get your crew to site as effectively as possible.

Non-profit Travel

We consistently provide non-profit organisations travel management to all remote and populated areas with a seamless connecting flight path. Whilst keeping to a budget, we use our expert skills to guide and support their criteria.

Professional Travel

We work to identify opportunities for greater savings and overall travel program optimisation for the business’ that are constantly on the go.

Our corporate travel management team is not only experienced in area, but in all. Our Team are passionate about providing the highest calibre of service, cost management and genuine value to our clients, if you’re within the above areas or not.

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