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What will 2016 bring for corporate air travel?

By 25 January 2016March 3rd, 2022News

A focus on personalisation, steady growth, and greater overlap between the corporate air travel and leisure travel experience.

Here’s our forecast for the 2016 corporate air travel space:

  1. The corporate air travel market will embrace newer technology

Technology has played an essential role in streamlining corporate air travel programs, while enhancing the traveller’s overall journey. An incredibly emotive industry, technology will continue to develop to bring greater ease to the corporate traveller’s trip – from end-to-end.corporate travel

From improved efficiency, to the ability to access creature comforts via their smartphones, corporate air travel technology will continue to evolve to bridge the gap between the leisure traveller and the corporate traveller experience.

  1. Expect steady growth

International corporate air travel is continuing to grow, with a greater number of companies expanding their businesses overseas.

This expansion is resulting in a number of companies re-addressing their travel policies via a travel management company to account for international expansion, in addition to greater consolidation of global company travel programs.

  1. Duty of care remains central

Risk and liability management will remain a key focus this year. As the world has become increasingly globalised, international travel has become the status quo. As a result, companies will continue to work with travel management companies to tighten up their travel policies and ensure duty of care remains a central focus.

Again, technology will remain central to the corporate air travel space, helping to ensure businesses uphold their duty of care obligations to their travellers. As such, we will see a greater investment in technology, particularly in the areas of big data and mobile.

  1. The corporate air travel market continues to seek an experience

Which takes us back to one of our leading predictions for the year:

Corporate travel will start to look – and feel, more like leisure travel.

And we’re seeing this more as airlines continue to target the corporate air travel market by promising an improved overall travelling experience for the corporate traveller.

Overall, greater customisation and personalisation of travel requirements for the corporate air traveller, by both travel management corporations and their suppliers, will continue to result in an overlap between leisure and corporate travel – business and leisure travel can no longer be treated like separate journeys as we move into 2016 and beyond.

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