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What’s to follow the mobile revolution for travellers?

By 20 January 2016March 3rd, 2022News

Mobile technology is not the future of technology – it’s our current landscape, but what travel software can the traveller expect now, mobile and beyond?

Technology, innovation and creativity, when effectively harnessed, form a powerful triad. Technology must innovate, and when designed and applied creatively, should solve a problem while opening up reimagined possibilities for an improved user experience.

mobile technologyFor the traveller, the rise of the Information Age provided unlimited access to data, with mobile technology came the ability to enhance our lives by making it quicker, faster and easier – any information we sought, any communication we wished to send, any service we wanted to engage or product we chose to buy, became possible within one-touch point, accessible with one touch of a button.

We ate, read, enjoyed music, travelled through the eyes of others – and travelled ourselves – all through mobile travel software as it became increasingly commonplace in our lives.

But what can we expect next from travel software?

While mobile is here to stay, personalisation, improved efficiency and an increased focus on the end-user will result in rapid improvements to mobile, in addition to the development of newer travel software.

In the case of personalisation, it’s not only about making the traveller’s journey easier, now more than ever do travellers expect a tailored and personalised approach to their travel management services.

There will be greater expectations around flexibility and interaction, with travel software playing a proactive approach in meeting the traveller’s needs, while improved location services will result in a greater ability to tailor communication and offers throughout their journey.

Technology that is part of you – literally

As Joshua A. Bell, cultural anthropologist at the National Museum of Natural History, put it, technology will eventually have us question “Where one’s self ends and begins”, a daunting, albeit not farfetched thought. As the mobile technology market becomes increasingly saturated, tech companies will soon look beyond smartphones to house their technology.

Wearable technology will transcend its current relegation to the health and wellbeing industry, targeting a myriad of people from the corporate to student traveller.

While unlikely to contain the full functionality of smartphones at this stage, technology forecasts predict that it will operate in a notification and search-based capacity.

Greater consumer-focused technology: travel software is all about the traveller

All of these developments point to an increased focus on the traveller. Virtual payments and an increasing reliance on cloud-based software will also become more commonplace as travel software continues to evolve to simplify the traveller’s journey.

For travel managers, technology will continue to add value by assisting with the effectiveness of current processes, while reducing costs and risk and liability for businesses.

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