uConnect is highly customisable and user-friendly online travel management portal, accessible 24/7 via web or mobile. Not only has this portal fast tracked our client’s ability to track travellers, access reporting and statistics and become notified of travel situations. It acts as the gateway for all business’ travel requirements, technology tools and travel program information.

Travel Portal

The Travel Portal is designed to enhance the customer experience and become a centralised easy-to-use platform that based on each client’s needs. This complete travel resource incorporates:

A business intelligence tool that provides comprehensive, visual and intuitive reporting

Also includes

Online Booking Tool – Single sign on to your choice of OBT, travel policy & traveler profile management

Traveler tracking and risk profiling

Travel Advisories (DFAT / ISOS)

Real time reporting, benchmarking and forecasting

Data collection, invoice retrieval, expense management upload and tickets on hold management

Visa information and services

Feedback forms

Satisfaction surveys

Other products and services

Whilst having the ability to view this data in the following formats:

Travel Analytics
Notification Services

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It’s the new world of solutions and travel management systems.

Login page

Home Page with customisable widgets

Data collection, invoice retrieval.

Expense management upload, credits on hold.

Travel News

Alerts and notifications

Brief Walkthrough

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