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Top 3 corporate travel services to employ today

By 10 December 2015March 3rd, 2022News

Do you know what to look for when choosing corporate travel services for your corporate travel needs?

Here are three corporate travel services of genuine value that all reputable travel management companies should offer:

corporate travel servicesIdentification of leakage (blind spend)

You’ve implemented a travel solution to manage your corporate travel, but are finding that individuals or departments within your company are continuing to operate outside your nominated processes.

Leakage is difficult to account for and weakens your negotiating power with your suppliers; impacts contracted rates, and can pose serious financial ramifications over the long-term.

Perhaps most importantly, leakage exposes you to potential liability for inefficiently meeting your duty of care obligations to your travellers. When this happens, you expose your company to a multitude of unmitigated risks, from heavy fines to, more seriously, possible manslaughter or negligence charges in the event of serious injury or death.

Behavioural management – company travel policy compliance

The travel industry is a highly emotive industry, as such; comprehensive behavioural management as part of a travel management company’s corporate travel services is essential to ensuring seamless end-to-end travel processes and cost savings over the long-term.

Behavioural management is the process of seeking to understand the buying patterns of your travellers, and through comprehensive analysis, provide recommendations in the form of alternative solutions.

What kind of buying patterns are we referring to?

Take Joe Black. Joe Black books himself onto a flight that has an approximate 5-6 hour layover time – that’s 5-6 hours of a productive working day wasted. He’s arrived tired and unrefreshed, and has cost his company both time and money.

Now consider that the company Joe Black works for has 10-15% of its employee body follow a similar pattern to that of Joe – that’s a 5-6 hour oversight that, due to lack of transparency and accountability in existing corporate travel services, is costing Joe’s company potentially thousands annually.

Behavioural management goes beyond numbers and takes a skilled group of experts to execute effectively. Reputable corporate travel services incorporate leading market technology and techniques to influence traveller’s decisions, making it both easy and desirable for them to comply with company travel policy, while delivering long-term cost savings.

Supplier optimisation

A reputable travel management company negotiates with suppliers on your behalf to drive thousands in savings over the long-term.

In combination with behavioural management processes, the right travel management company leverages its relationship with suppliers to provide you with a custom, cost-effective program in partnership with market leading suppliers.

From accommodation to rental cars and flexible fares, travel management companies work to provide the best suppliers for your company’s travel, leveraging your spend and helping you receive a sustained, healthy return on your investment, while accessing negotiated amenities, unique discounts, rates and perks from suppliers that you would independently have restricted access to.

Looking for corporate travel management that can provide you with genuine value and service excellence? Connect with us today.