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Simone a perfect fit for the CT Connections Travel Group

By 29 November 2017March 3rd, 2022News

We were on the lookout for someone who feels the ‘connection’ with our values and identifies exceptionally with the primary stakeholders – our people. Look who we found… 

Simone has over two decades of experience in working with companies to strategically align their people agenda with their business vision and goals. Utilising her background in organisational psychology, she has worked closely with individuals and teams to review the symbiotic relationship between the three Ws – Workplace, Work and Worker – and brings her expertise in leveraging and nurturing diverse talent within this framework.

Simone graduated with a double major in Psychology and Social Theory and chose to pursue a vocation mentoring and supporting people to realise their own potential, not just from a career perspective but also in recognition of the other key wellness drivers: social, physical, financial and community. Ultimately, she believes companies who foster fulfilled and engaged employees inevitably foster satisfied and loyal client ‘connections’.

Outside of work, Simone is busy breaking into a happy sweat running up 10,000 steps on her fit-bit with family in tow and making the most of every weekend.

What does Simone say about joining CT Connections Travel Group?

“It is particularly exciting to be a part of an organisation with such a strong ‘People First’ culture, where living and breathing the value proposition is key to its success in the travel space and where people are encouraged and rewarded for embracing vulnerability through stepping out of their comfort zones. In the wrong environment creativity sits in the corner with tightly crossed legs and its ball in its lap – not playing with anyone. Conversely at CT Connections, creativity powers innovation and this makes it an ideal ‘connection’ for me and my values. I’m looking forward to a long, fruitful partnership.” “Every connection counts”