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Leakage: Do you need to assess your corporate travel policy?

By 17 December 2015March 3rd, 2022News

You’ve streamlined as much as your corporate travel policy as possible, but are finding that despite changes, you’re experiencing employees operating outside your nominated corporate travel policy processes.

Leaving leakage a problem unattended exposes your company to a myriad of potential risks, such as the inability to meet your Duty of Care obligations and limiting your control over your company’s travel expenditure.

corporate travel policyIdentify type

Is the problem across all areas of travel – accommodation, flights and car rentals? Or are bookings primarily being made with respect to air travel, and are being conducted outside of your contracted air carrier(s)?

Whatever the case, by identifying the primary type of leakage, you can implement a corporate travel policy to identify who within your company is using external booking processes.

Who and why?

Are your employees from senior or mid management? Are they booking as a group or individually?

Correcting leakage often involves educating staff about the benefits of a streamlined corporate travel policy that utilises contracted suppliers. If you haven’t looked to the services of a reputable travel management company – this is an area they are expert at handling.

Through education and training, your employees will learn that whilst it may seem convenient and cost-effective to simply book outside of your company’s established policy, continuation of their behaviour will cost the company potentially thousands over the long-term.

It’s important to note, however, that whilst a cost-saving sentiment is of importance to senior management, it may resonate less so with your remaining employee body..

Access your current corporate travel policy

Once you’ve identified the who – it’s worth investigating why they’ve felt booking outside your corporate travel policy was beneficial. Following this, take a closer look at your current travel program. Is it accessible, flexible and does it provide considerable variety?

Need to assess your current travel policy? Connect with us today.