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We delivered maximum cost savings to a client’s hotel program

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Service Excellence


Client did not have a hotel program integrated into their travel program, and were losing significant spend because of it.

Following in-depth analysis we discovered that many of their travellers were visiting the same cities, but were booking into a variety of hotels. We reviewed any city that had more than 50 rooms a year and selected the top 5 hotels in those cities to approach.

Genuine Value


After approaching over 100 properties that fit within the client’s rates, we benchmarked their proposals against our other clients to ensure they were receiving maximum cost savings.

On our end, output was 10 business days, and resulted in an overall reduction in average rates of $10 per night – unique to hotel programs with a trend of rates remaining the same or increasing.

Cost Management


Vetted list of preferred hotels distributed to Client’s bookers and travellers.

Improved management of traveller behaviour via a selected Online Booking Tool to filter preferred suppliers.

Solutions Lab

CT Connections


As a leading travel management company, we explore ways of not only improving your travel management program, but to herald in a complete business transformation.

CT Connections


Both you and CT Connections subject matter experts will develop your wish list into accredited potential solutions for your approval.

CT Connections


Following best practice project and change management principles, this phase is organised, motivated and controlled with little intrusion to your day-to-day operations.

Travel Program Objectives

Corporate Travel Solutions

We strive to deliver our three core deliverables – service excellence, cost management and genuine value at every opportunity.

Identification of systems requiring greater efficiency.

Reduction of your costs.

Safer corporate travel processes via our comprehensive risk management solutions.

Streamlined communication for safer, secure travel.

Proactive advice on specials and discount fares.

Access to the best in industry technology for a more enjoyable travelling experience.

People Expertise


We understand that corporate travel involves many moving parts. We also know that each client is unique, which is why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach to your corporate travel requirements.

Our Process - Solutions Lab


We deliver a comprehensive analysis of your current corporate travel processes before designing and implementing end-to-end travel solutions tailored to service your business.

Learn more about our process framework.

Market Leading Technology


As an industry prone to rapid change, we believe that flexible, leading-edge technology is vital to the success of your corporate travel program.

Our business intelligence solutions, unique partnership gateway and online booking tools makes managing your travel requirements simple.

Australia’s leading corporate travel agency

Service Excellence

Service Excellence

We get to know your business intimately – through discovery sessions, workshops, and most importantly through the candid conversations we have with your staff on a regular basis.

Genuine Value

Cost Management

We offer cutting-edge reporting tools and parameter-driven technology to advance cost-efficiency, policy compliance and genuine value to our partners’ business travel program. CT Connections is also a member of CT Partners and Radius network to ensure the best rates domestically and internationally.

Cost Management

Genuine Value

We perform comprehensive analysis on the current travel behaviour and patterns of each partner to identify opportunities for greater savings and efficiencies.

CT Connections Corporate Travel Managers Team

Our corporate team of travels managers are professional, responsive and solution focused. We recruit consultants that are not only highly experienced, but more importantly, show passion for providing the highest calibre of service, cost management solutions and genuine value to our clients.


Nick Sutherland


Nick is a seasoned travel executive with close to twenty years’ of achievement across corporate travel management, airline and commercial foreign exchange.

Prior to launching CT Connections in 2010, Nick held senior leadership positions for a large global travel management company both in Australia & UK.

Nick has demonstrated a strong and clear vision for the business and in a short period of time overseen substantial growth in less than five years (1 staff member to 90 as well as offices in 4 states).

Amongst many things, Nick is passionate about our company values, which he firmly believes form the key foundation to our service commitment to our clients, peers and suppliers.

Gary Reichenberg


Gary has actively been involved in running travel management companies since 2000.

Gary is a co-founder of CT Partners, one of the most significant independent travel agency consortium in Australia, where he continues to serve as a Board member.   Gary not only provides strategic direction and focus, he also steers the development of products, solutions and services that support the long term acquisition and retention of corporate and leisure customers.

Gary’s core values are bias for action,  innovation, respect, customer service and teamwork.  Time away from the office is spent in warm coastal regions with his family on holidays which combine high-intensity adventure and relaxation.  Water is his serenity.

Travel Analytics

CT Connections' uConnect Business Travel Portal is easy to use with great reporting functionality. Love it.

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