Booking Solutions

Our technology has been designed to be an incredibly intuitive and user friendly tool. Serko Online, Concur and Zeno have proven to consistently help organisations reduce the cost of travel programs by as much as 20%, and deliver the highest levels of employee engagement, thanks to its simple and perceptive user interfaces.

Serko Online is the leading online booking tool (OBT) for corporate travel in Australia. Serko Online provides employees with the freedom to book their own travel, either via desktop or mobile, choosing from the widest range of travel suppliers, while allowing employers to maintain tight control over every aspect of their spend, through real time policy management.

Key Features:

  • Real-time application of corporate travel policies
  • Ability to book Domestic, Trans-Tasman and Point to Point International trips
  • Linked flights, accommodation, hire car and airport transfers
  • Pre and post departure changes via desktop and mobile
  • Fly, Drive & Stay rates that access up to 50% off Expedia and Wotif hotel room rates
  • Support for traditional and virtual credit cards
  • Ability to capture, manage and re-claim unused tickets
  • Multi-tier pre-trip approval workflow
  • Integration with expense management and ERP systems
  • Unique Mass Booking functionality

Concur services connect with travel suppliers, online travel agencies, credit card companies and, vendors – everywhere and each way that your employees spend money, capturing spend wherever and whenever it happens. Concur Business Intelligence offers dashboards and a comprehensive set of standard reports to help companies manage expenses and cash flow more effectively.

Key Features:

  • Many travel suppliers automatically send e-receipts into Concur Expense, speeding the process of report creation and submission.
  • Managers can approve, reject or request changes during an employee’s booking process, giving them more visibility.
  • Content draws from multiple global distribution systems, negotiated and published prices, direct connects and web-only fares.
  • Standard reports give managers insight into what’s being spent on business travel around the business.
  • Many travel suppliers automatically send e-receipts into Concur Expense, speeding the process of report creation and submission.

As the travel industry constantly adapts and changes, we as an independently owned business likes to keep agile and allow for new platforms and systems to be integrated, where we see fit.

Zeno exists to make corporate travel feel less like hard work for everyone. Zeno is a next generation online booking tool that uses intelligent technology, predictive workflows and a global travel marketplace to create a brave new world of business travel.

Key Features:

  • Personalized travel booking

  • End-to-end itineraries

  • Seamless compliance

  • Automatic travel policy selection

  • Corporate negotiated rates

  • Potential savings highlight, prompt to select lowest price